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Parking in Paris: how much does a fine cost ?

Not paying your parking fee in Paris is almost a sport and for some, a way of life. A discipline with ever fewer followers since technological means have been used: scanner-equipped vehicles pass repeatedly in the capital’s streets to detect offenders.

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What are the dimensions of a parking space ?

That’s a good question! We’re always interested in the size of our vehicle, but when it comes time to park it – quite soon, in fact – how big should a parking space be?

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How to pay less for parking?

Exorbitant parking prices are among the main complaints made to city halls and public car park operators, who must strike a balance between cost coverage and infrastructure quality on the one hand and public services and prices on the other. Interparking has introduced various measures to lower prices in its car parks.

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Interparking, a European leader committed to the environment

Do you know Interparking, one of the leading European car park operators? Founded in Belgium more than 60 years ago, Interparking has helped Europe open up to free movement. Active in nine European countries, Interparking has gradually grown while building on the trust shown by customers won over the years.

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Cheap parking in Paris

With a price that goes up to 6 € per hour in some areas of the capital, the cost of parking in the streets of Paris becomes a financial issue for Parisians and visitors alike. A day of parking can quickly turn into a big bill or even an untenable situation if you need to park your vehicle every day.

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Finding the perfect car park in Paris

Every day in Île-de-France, more than 14.8 million car journeys are made. The use of cars and motorbikes may be decreasing, and this downward trend may be more significant in Paris city centre than in the rest of the capital, but every day a wave of vehicles arrives and is parked in the centre. Finding a parking space has become a daily sport for millions of Île-de-France residents.

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