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Finding the perfect car park in Paris

Every day in Île-de-France, more than 14.8 million car journeys are made. The use of cars and motorbikes may be decreasing, and this downward trend may be more significant in Paris city centre than in the rest of the capital, but every day a wave of vehicles arrives and is parked in the centre. Finding a parking space has become a daily sport for millions of Île-de-France residents. 

So, what is the perfect car park in Paris for all these users? The French capital has 730,000 parking spaces, including 120,000 on the street and 611,000 in underground car parks, both private and open to the public. Interparking offers more than 9,000 spaces in its 23 car parks in Paris.

The perfect car park: a highly personal equation

The very idea of a “perfect car park” leads back to the question of how each and every one of us defines a car park. Location, accessibility, price, cleanliness, security, availability, proximity to public transport links, environmental friendliness, services, facilities… All these criteria, and other more personal ones, come into the very personal equation of what makes the perfect car park. 

If even one of these criteria is missing, the notion of “perfect car park” goes out the window. For example, a car park that is perfectly located but does not have a charging station will not suit owners of electric vehicles. A car park that is an hour by foot from your destination will never make it onto your shortlist, even if it is technically located “in Paris”. Not to mention that the principle of mobility implies that there is not “one” perfect car park but “a type” of perfect car park.

Perfect offers of parking in Paris

This is what Interparking strives for. Rather than a perfect car park in Paris, Interparking makes available perfect offers of where to park in Paris. That’s our goal, anyway. Our car park network covers all of the capital’s iconic locations: whether you want to stroll along the Champs Elysées, attend a trade fair at Porte de Versailles, enjoy a concert at Accor Arena de Bercy or go up the Tour Montparnasse, you will find an Interparking car park nearby. That car park will: satisfy the most demanding criteria; be conveniently located, accessible, affordable, properly maintained and well-equipped; and care about both its customers and the environment. 

That’s the way we think at Interparking: we want you to find a parking space quickly, close to your destination, without wasting time or money on looking for a spot, and in a properly maintained car park with a comprehensive range of services that make parking as smooth as possible. In short, a car park that feels a bit like your own garage. Perhaps that’s the definition of the perfect car park.