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Interparking, a European leader committed to the environment

Do you know Interparking, one of the leading European car park operators? Founded in Belgium more than 60 years ago, Interparking has helped Europe open up to free movement. Active in nine European countries, Interparking has gradually grown while building on the trust shown by customers won over the years.

Close to 1,000 car parks in 9 European countries

Interparking is one of Europe’s leading car park operators. Apart from France, it operates in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania, Germany and Austria (under the brand name Contipark).

In total, Interparking has 927 parking sites, including 827 car parks, which amounts to almost 400,000 parking spaces across the entire continent. More than 117 million European motorists use Interparking’s services every year.

A specialist committed to the environment

Interparking is not only a leader. Above all, it is a specialist whose one and only business is parking. Today, Interparking’s focus on its core business makes it a key player in the mobility sector and whose actions are deemed examples to be followed. Interparking contributes to reinventing the urban parking model by integrating the vehicle into a global mobility chain and by helping reduce traffic in cities.

As regards the environment, Interparking has expressed its intention to be a 100% carbon-neutral company. Interparking France is gradually fitting its car parks with electric charging stations for electric vehicles.

What if a car park could be a lung in the city?

Interparking has gone even further by deploying a unique filtration unit called “Lung in the city”, which neutralises up to 70% of particles, 40% of fine particles and 20% of ultrafine particles, thereby making the air inside car parks cleaner than the air outside. After being successfully tried and tested in Namur in Belgium, the filtration unit was introduced in Nîmes, Nice, Cannes and Fontainebleau in early 2020.