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How to pay less for parking?

Exorbitant parking prices are among the main complaints made to city halls and public car park operators, who must strike a balance between cost coverage and infrastructure quality on the one hand and public services and prices on the other. Interparking has introduced various measures to lower prices in its car parks.

A reasonable pricing policy

Whether we’re talking about on-street parking or public car parks, it can’t be denied that parking is expensive, in Paris as in any large city. As such, Interparking has committed to a reasonable pricing policy. A recent study among Internet users ranked the most expensive 20 car parks in the French capital: Interparking did not make the list.

Interparking’s Crazy Prices: affordable parking offers

Given that Interparking is an international company, the name of the initiative, Crazy Prices, has been kept in English in all countries. As the name suggests, Interparking’s Crazy Prices are absolutely mind-blowing offers, such as €1 for 2 hours in Albi or Castres or €0.80 for 2 hours at the Antibes Palais des Congrès car park. That’s 87% off! Our car parks in Paris are no exception: near Place de l’Etoile in Wagram, near Porte de Versailles in the 15th arrondissement in Cambronne, or near the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris, Interparking is slashing its prices.