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Parking in Paris: how much does a fine cost ?

Not paying your parking fee in Paris is almost a sport and for some, a way of life. A discipline with ever fewer followers since technological means have been used: scanner-equipped vehicles pass repeatedly in the capital’s streets to detect offenders. As soon as you exceed your time limit (immediately if you haven’t paid) you are liable for the FPS or “forfait post-stationnement” (post-parking forfeit), a nice name for what everyone still calls a “fine”.

How much does the FPS cost ?

Indeed, we no longer speak of a fine, but of a FPS. Thus it is no longer a penalty (a fine), but it is still very expensive: €75 for the heart of the capital (from the 1st to the 11th districts) and €50 for the outer districts (from the 12th to the 20th). From the date you are notified of the FPS, you have 3 months to pay it. If you exceed this term, you will be liable for an additional €50. In other words, you will go from a “big fine” to a “very big fine”.

Note that if you have a licensed motor cycle, the tolerance for free parking on the street ends on 1 September 2022. As of this date, non-electric motor cycles will be subject to the same rules as four-wheel vehicles: paid parking and FPS in case you exceed the time limit (reduced to 50% of the four-wheel vehicle rate).

Everyone underground !

The Paris City Council has clearly announced the colour: it wants to orient vehicle parking towards underground parking facilities. What might have seemed expensive a few years ago is now a “good plan”. Parking your vehicle in an underground parking facility is not only economical, but if you exceed the time limit, you are protected from the ruinous FPS.

Interparking is committed to providing a practical and economical parking solution. In its 22 parking lots in the capital, 18 of which can be reserved, there are always attractive solutions, for a few hours or a few days. With its “crazy prices” at Interparking Wagram (Arc de Triomphe – Etoile), Interparking Cambronne (Porte de Versailles) and Interparking Pitié-Salpêtrière (Austerlitz train station – Jardin des Plantes) parking facilities, you can take advantage of real bargains.

For those who need long-term solutions, Interparking also offers low-cost passes. No more excuses for risking a fine.