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Terms and Conditions of Use

By viewing and using the website (hereinafter the “Website“) and the data included therein, users accept the following Terms and Conditions of Use:

1. Availability of the Website

Interparking France makes every effort to ensure that the Website is accessible and available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. However, it is possible that due to for maintenance reasons, Website or network updates, or due to other events or disruptions beyond the control of Interparking France, access to the Website, including the extranet, may be disrupted. Interparking France cannot be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage resulting from such disruptions.

2. Intellectual property rights

Unless otherwise specified, all the items (such as images, sounds, texts, logos, databases, etc.) found on the Website (hereinafter the “Website content”) are protected by copyright or other related intellectual property rights belonging to Interparking France or third parties. These rights remain the exclusive property of Interparking France or the third parties in question.

All brands, trademarks, company names, domain names, logos, and other distinctive signs used on the Website identifying the Website, Interparking France or third parties are the exclusive property of Interparking France and/or third parties and they cannot be used in any way.

3. Use of information included on the Website

Users are granted only the right to privately use the Website content for information purposes. Moreover, it is strictly forbidden to reproduce, adapt, modify or share the images, videos, texts or other items that are part of the Website content in any way without prior written authorisation from Interparking France.

Interparking France makes every effort to publish only accurate and relevant information on its Website. However, it cannot guarantee that all the information on the Website is accurate, relevant and up to date.

Under no circumstances can Interparking France be held responsible or liable for any damage resulting from any use of the Website or the Website content. Moreover, it reserves the right to modify the Website content at any time and without prior notice.

4. Personal data

Interparking France collects certain personal data through the Website. Users who wish to receive more information regarding the collection, use and protection of their personal data may read Interparking’s cookie notice and privacy notice.

5. Links to other websites

On its Website, Interparking France includes links to external sources or other websites, particularly Interparking Group websites. The presence of links to third-party websites does not mean that the content offered by these websites has been verified or approved. Interparking France does not manage these websites and cannot be held responsible or liable for their content, information, images, videos or any other material available on or from these websites or external websites, or for any actual or alleged loss resulting from viewing them or linked to the use or content of these websites or external sources.

6. Security of the Website

All users are strictly forbidden from jeopardising or attempting to jeopardise the security and integrity of the Website and/or the Website content in any way; otherwise they will be prosecuted.

7. Applicable law and competent courts

These terms and conditions are subject to French law. Any disputes which arise from the application of these terms and conditions or the use of the Website will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Paris Courts.